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Sow unity, praise not hatred – Go




Senator Christopher “Bong” Go on Sunday slammed those sowing hatred amid the continuing threats of the Covid-19 pandemic, saying it is upsetting that some individuals take advantage of the government’s various acts of service to malign and push their own malicious narrative.

This, he said, must not derail “our focus in serving our fellow Filipinos with utmost diligence, compassion and empathy.”

“Despite the negativities, we choose to respond with kindness and continue our hard work. Values of bayanihan, malasakit at pagtutulungan are what we need to survive and overcome these challenges, not constant bickering and fear-mongering,” he said in his column “GOing Forward.”

His call for unity and bayanihan dates back, he said to the heroism of our ancestors who fought for the country and until recently those who are fighting for the welfare of humanity now.

He cited Lapu-Lapu, whose 500th anniversary of the victory in the Battle of Mactan the country celebrated recently, as among these heroes.

“We are fortunate that, in the place of Lapu-Lapu and the warriors of Mactan, a new generation of heroes rises — from police officers, soldiers, health workers and other frontliners who continue to risk their lives to serve and protect our people and our country,” he explained.

Equally worthy of praise, he pointed out, are the millions of Filipino workers who work tirelessly for their families and to whom the Filipinos paid tribute during Labor Day celebrations last Saturday.

“Their willingness to continue working so that our communities would continue to survive amidst the pandemic is in itself a selfless and heroic act. Truly, these modern-day heroes inspire us and make us believe that the legacy of heroism lives on in our present time,” he said.

In honor of the heroism of Lapu-Lapu and the frontliners in the fight against Covid-19 now, the government is more committed than ever to serve the Filipino nation.

“We continue to support and provide solutions to the daily struggles of those battling the adverse effects of the pandemic while facing other crisis situations in order to ensure that no Filipino is left behind towards recovery,” he said.

Go then paid tribute to heroes past and present, thanking them for their contributions to society.

“While I could not possibly repay you for all that you have done for us, I vow to match your heroism with unflinching and untiring service to the Filipino people,” he said.