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Work Auster Force turns back Execration; Omega overpowers Onic PH



Work Auster Force needed just one opening to turn the tide on Execration for a 2-1 escape on Sunday in MPL Season 7 Week 5.

Despite having its tower obliterated in Game 3, Work Auster made a decisive move by snatching the newly respawned lord for one final push to pull the rug from under Execration to improve its record to 6-4 win-loss record at solo second spot in Group A, behind Aura PH (7-2).

Execration was on a roll in Game 1 with an 18-13 kill advantage led by Kielvj’s Ling that scored a 10-2-5 KDA.

Work Auster came back strong in Game 2 to force sudden death.

rTzy, Kousei, Chuuu, 3MarTzy, and Unravel of Work Auster picked Jawhead, Alice, Lapu-Lapu, Cecilion, and Hayabusa for Game 3 against Execration’s lineup sans tank and marksman composed of Pharsa, Benedetta, Harith, Barats, and Chou.

Execration led on kills 8-7 after 16 minutes of battle with Harith and Benedetta taking the lead. Though it looked close, they actually had a massive lead on gold by 9,000 and turrets destroyed 7-2.

Execration then took lord, made a hard push, and destroyed the final turrets on the middle and top lane killing Work’s Lapu-Lapu, Hayabusa, and Jawhead in the process but was unable to break base.

Without a turret left, Work turned the tide when they snatched the newly respawned lord to make one winning push in the middle that wiped out their opponent en route to winning the match. Chuuu registered the most kills with Hayabusa with an 8-2-5 KDA.

Execration dropped to 3-6 slate tied with Laus Playbook in Group B.

Week 5 was capped by Omega Esports’ sweep of Onic PH.

Omega rebounded from a stinging loss at the hands of Nexplay Esports a day before and currently sits second in Group B with 5-5 slate just behind Blacklist International (9-1).

Onic slid to 6-3 at no. 3 in Group A.