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MPL Season 7: Aura defeats Nexplay with tankless lineup



Aura takes down Nexplay in MPL Season 7 action

Aura PH went unbeaten on week 5 day 4 of MPL Season 7, following a sweep over Nexplay Esports, Sunday afternoon.

Rafflesia, Jaypee, LORD HADESS, Green, and Bennyqt of Aura escaped Game 1 with a hard-earned win, then drafted a double assassin, no tank-lineup in Benedetta, Mathilda, Kagura, Natalia, and Yi Sun-Shin to close out the series in Game 2.

Nexplay’s RENEJAY, Jeymz, Yawi, H2wo, and Exort countered with a double fighter draft in Chou, Claude, Paquito, Harley, and Eudora.

It was a fast start in the second stanza, with both teams clashing often in the early going. Bennyqt’s Kagura and Greed’s Natalia led Aura in kills with two each, six minutes into the fight. They stuck together, picking apart an often scattered Nexplay around the map.

Aura was also tactical with their push, destroying turrets one by one across all lanes before breaking all turrets in the middle until a vital clash took place that left Nexplay’s Paquito as the lone survivor on the map.

With a dead Natalia, Aura pushed with all they got on the bottom then broke the base at the 14:00 mark. Bennyqt was on point with his kills and assists throughout the match, ending Game 3 with a 9-2-9 KDA.