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Nexplay stuns Omega



Nexplay Esports mustered excellent team plays to outwit and sweep Omega Esports, 2-0, Saturday evening in Week 5 Day 3 of MPL Season 7.

The confidence-building win pushed Nexplay to the third spot in Group B with a 4-5 win-loss record for 13 aggregate points.

Nexplay was unexpectedly dominant as they won Game 1 with ease. Yawi, Exort, RENEJAY, H2wo, and Jeymz then turned to Chou, Lunox, Harith, Lancelot, and Yu Zhong in Game 2 while Omega played Selena, Granger, Pharsa, Gloo, and Estes.

Omega bit back hard and early as Granger scored four kills and two assists less than five minutes into the second game. Nexplay was scattered around the map, allowing their opponent to gank and pick them apart one by one.

Nexplay then retaliated with four kills after they caught Omega off guard in the jungle. They pushed with lord afterward and left their opponent with just three turrets across all lanes.

Omega went for the lord in the 17th minute, completely ignoring their base which allowed RENEJAY and H2wo to pull off a backdoor from the top lane and break their base before they realize it.

Omega slid to 4-5 and remained at second in the bracket with 14 aggregate points.