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Aura outplays Bren in thriller



Aura PH spoiled defending champion Bren Esports’ momentum following a huge win over erstwhile unbeaten Blacklist International as it pulled through a 2-1 wringer on Saturday in Week 5 of MPL Season 7.

Jaypee, Greed, Rafflesia, LORD HADESS, and Bennyqt of Aura took Game 1 with ease scoring 23 kills over defending champion’s 12 and ending the battle just under 17 minutes.

After yielding Game 2, Aura picked Barats, Mathilda, Natalia, Harley, and Wanwan in the decider against Bren’s Alpha, Paquito, Angela, Baxia, and Selena.

Teams clashed often and early in the final game with Bren taking the lead on kills, 8-7, eight minutes into the game but even on turrets destroyed, 2-2.

Alpha’s slow and stun buffed with Angela’s Heartguard was problematic for Aura yet they won a massive team fight in the middle at the 10th-minute mark sending four Bren heroes back to base.

A pivotal clash on the top lane wiped out Bren which ultimately gave Aura an opening to end the match in 12:52. Bennyqt’s Wanwan was key in getting the win as he ended Game 3 with a 2-0-11 KDA.

The reigning M2 World Champion, which put a stop to Blacklist International’s 7-game win streak in its previous outing, came back in Game 2 as Pheww, Ribo, KarlTzy, Lusty, and FlapTzy fielded Selena, Chou, Barats, Alice, and Granger against Aura’s Popol and Kupa, Lancelot, Paquito, Yve, and Zhask.

Bren was red hot in the early game as they took the turtle and scored 3 kills with Granger, Selena, and Barats. They added two more kills to their tally in the 7th minute then destroyed a couple of turrets on the top lane shortly after.

Aura was reduced to one turret on each lane two minutes later as the defending MPL champion extended their lead on gold by 9,000. The M2 World Champion then took lord, destroyed all turrets then the Aura base under 12 minutes to tie the series.

Week 5 Day 3 also saw Blacklist International return to their unstoppable form following a 2-0 drubbing of an overmatched Laus Playbook earlier in the day.