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Blacklist bounces back with 2-1 win over Execration



Blacklist International’s confidence and fighting spirit remained intact a day after losing to Bren Esports following a 2-1 victory over Execration on week 5 day 2 of MPL Season 7 this Friday evening.
Blacklist looked to be on top of their game after they overwhelmed Execration to take Game 1 only to see the latter bite back with a win of their own the next game.
Wise, OhMyV33nus, OHEB, ESON, and Edward of Blacklist turned to a well-balanced draft of Popol and Kupa, Estes, Granger, Kagura, and Ruby in Game 3 while Execration went for a no assassin lineup of Baxia, Pharsa, Lunox, Paquito, and Claude.
The early game was lackluster as both teams pressed with extreme caution having just one kill each six minutes into the third stanza. A team clash finally broke out at the 7:00 mark on the turtle pit that saw Wise’s Granger kill Baxia.
The passive play throughout the game came to a halt when Blacklist took lord then made a big push on the bottom then swung to the mid lane. They wiped out the Execration squad en route to popping the base with Granger scoring a triple kill to end the series with a 7-1-2 KDA.
The win proved that Blacklist is still the team to beat in the tournament as they improved their standing to 8-1 with 21 aggregate points. Execration, meanwhile, dropped to 3-5 with 11 points on aggregate.