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Sweeps, paybacks rock MPL

It was a feel-good win for Bren, the reigning M2 world champion, after failing prey to Onic PH a day before.



After a sorry loss, Bren Esports is back on winning track following an emphatic sweep of Laus Playbook Esports, 2-0, to cap Week 4 of the Mobile Legends Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Season 4 over the weekend.

Skipper Angelo Kyle “Pheww” Arcangel led the assault for Bren, which used a no-marksman lineup of Paquito, Baxia, Yve, Ling and Chang’e to complete the conquest of Laus’ Popol and Kupa, Claude, Barats, Harle and Kaja.

Bren charged with guns blazing early as its mid-game versed heroes scored three kills in the first three minutes.

Allan “Lusty” Castomayor’s Baxia was on point with his ganks and stuns as it combined in Yve’s real world manipulation that proved crucial in team fights.

But Laus did not go down without putting up a fight.

It scored six kills four minutes later with Joshua “Aspect” Tating’s Harley taking the lead with a 3-1-1 KDA. Then, Laus stole the lord at the 13th minute mark but lost four heroes, thanks to the deadly combination of Yve and Tempest of Blades from Ling.

Laus went all out for one big push in the middle after lord was eliminated, but paid for it when the lost four heroes, allowing Bren to tie the turrets destroyed at 6-6 and gain control.

It was a feel-good win for Bren, the reigning M2 world champion, after failing prey to Onic PH a day before.

Gerald “Dlar” Trinchera led Onic PH to an early onslaught before conspiring with Joshwell “Iy4knu” Manaog in deploying Barats and Esmeralda for a 9-1-13 KDA to end the series in just eleven minutes.

With these contrasting outcomes, Bren sits at the third spot of Group A with a 4-4 win-loss card and an aggregate score of 12 points while Onic PH fashions 4-2 with 10 points on aggregate.

Work Auster Force, meanwhile, got its much-desired revenge against two-time MPL champion Aura PH.

After copping Game 1, Work Auster Force leaned on a well-balanced draft of Jawhead, Lunox, Lancelot, Uranus, and Pharsa in Game 2.

Aura tried to catch them off guard by picking Martis backed with Kagura, Chou, Granger, and Baxia.

The Martis draft worked in the early going as Aura took the lead on kills eight minutes into the second game.

Work Auster Force somehow survived the onslaught, pulled off an amazing base defense, and then used Uranus to bait the entire Aura roster on top that gave an opening to Shemaiah “Chuuu” Chu’s Lancelot to unleash a beating and turn the fight around and win the match, 2-0.

Work Auster Force now has a 5-4 standing with 16 aggregate points while Aura has a 5-2 slate and 14 points on aggregate.

While other teams had their revenge and sweeps, Cignal Ultra continued its slump.

Led by support captain Douglas Joseph “ImbaDeejay” Astibe II, Cignal had lost all of its four matches last week to Aura PH, Onic PH, Work Auster Force, and Blacklist International.

They have yet to win in eight matches with only three points on aggregate.