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Bren rebounds, sweeps Laus Playbook



Defending champion Bren Esports bounced back from a stinging loss as it vented its ire on Laus Playbook Esports, 2-0, Sunday to cap Week 4 of MPL Season 7.

Bren climbed to third spot in Group A with an even 4-4 win-loss record for 12 aggregate points.

The reigning M2 World Champion squad pounded the hapless Laus Playbook side to get back on the winning track after suffering a 0-2 setback at the hands of Onic PH on Saturday that put its three-game winning run to a screeching halt.

After taking Game 1 with relative ease, Bren’s Pheww, Ribo, KarlTzy, FlapTzy, and Lusty drafted a no-marksman lineup with Paquito, Baxia, Yve, Ling, and Chang’e to close out the match against Laus’ Popol and Kupa, Claude, Barats, Harley, and Kaja.

Bren charged with all guns blazing early as its mid-game versed heroes scored three kills in the first three minutes. Lusty’s Baxia was on point with his ganks and stuns, combining his skills with Yve’s Real World Manipulation that proved vital in team fights.

Laus, however, refused to go down without a fight, scoring six kills four minutes later with Aspect’s Harley taking the lead with a 3-1-1 KDA. Laus stole the lord at the 13:00 mark but lost four heroes thanks to the deadly combination of Yve and Tempest of Blades from Ling.

Laus poured everything they got in a big push in the middle after lord was eliminated and paid for it when they lost four heroes which opened Bren to tie the turrets destroyed at 6-6.

Bren took the lord uncontested at the 18:45 mark then destroyed the remaining Laus turrets on the map. The defending champion’s attempt for a winning push however failed, mainly because of Barats’ outstanding defense.

They tried again five minutes later with the lord and finally found success after FlapTzy killed Claude at the base with his Paquito, ending the series with a 7-2-8 KDA while Pheww scored 7-3-11 with his Yve.

Laus Playbook fell to 2-5 record with five aggregate points at the bottom of Group B.

Meanwhile, Blacklist International swept bottom-dweller Cignal Ultra, 2-0, to extend its winning streak to 7-0 with 18 aggregate points.

Cignal absorbed its eighth defeat in as many outings.

Omega Esports also scored a 2-0 series victory over Work Auster Force to improve its record to 4-4 with 14 aggregate points while Work fell to 5-4 with 16 aggregate points.