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Tees for our times

Terence Tong has been especially fascinated by Japanese traditional crafts and culture since he was a kid.




MADE of Recycled Cotton Eco-Friendly MIURA Art Tee. / Photograph courtesy of MIURA

KongKee, an animation director and artist in Hong Kong, is the featured artist that kicks off the MIURA Project. His ‘Dragon’s Delusion’ series is part of the MIURA Art Tee collection that will be available starting 24 April on its website at a pocket-friendly price.

The MIURA Project was founded by fashion buyer Terence Tong, who has introduced a long list of brands to Hong Kong, gaining respect and valuable support of media professionals and artists.

Tong has been especially fascinated by Japanese traditional crafts and culture since he was a kid. This is one of the reasons why he deliberately engaged the factory in Kyoto, Japan to transform the artworks of different artists worldwide into high-quality handmade MIURA Art Tee.

Kyoto craftsmanship diminishes the deformation of the tee shape. Art supporters can enjoy “Portable Yet Durable artwork” at an affordable price.

According to a report by British Broadcasting Corporation, about 92 million tons of textile waste are produced annually, equivalent to a full garbage truck of clothes sent to a landfill every second. By 2030, it is expected that over 134 million tons of clothing will be discarded every year.

The T-shirt adopted by the MIURA Project is made of eco-friendly cotton, recycled from the cotton wastes, such as cotton with shortened fold line, discarded during the garment-making process. Its recycled, short-staple cotton is perfect for daily use, exuding a vintage touch after a few washes.

“MIURA Project’s mission is to contribute to the Earth along with art promotion. After cost, the proceeds will be shared with the artists. We want to contribute to the sustainability of the art community as much as we can,” a statement issued by the company shared.