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Gonzaga begs off




JOVELYN Gonzaga opts to give her national team spot to younger players. / DAILY TRIBUNE FILE PHOTO

Jovelyn Gonzaga formally capped her colorful career in the international stage after begging off from the tryouts set by the Philippine National Volleyball Federation (PNVF) next week in Subic.

In a social media post, the 29-year-old Gonzaga thanked the federation for considering her before floating the possibility of taking on a “new route” to give other players a chance to represent the country in the international arena.

Sideliners, however, speculated that Gonzaga’s decision to quit is only limited to indoor event.

After all, she is also a decorated beach volley campaigner who saw action in various local and international tourneys, including the 26th Southeast Asian Games in Palembang in 2011.

If ever she decides to shoot for a slot in the beach volley event, she would be joining a powerhouse cast featuring by Sisi Rondina and Bernadeth Pons, who copped the bronze medal in the previous SEA Games in Subic.

Still, Gonzaga is already decided to let go of her slot in the indoor event.

“Thank you indoor volleyball. That was a great journey with you,” Gonzaga, an Army corporal said.

“For now, it’s time for me to take a new route.”

Gonzaga is regarded as one of the country’s most seasoned players in the SEA Games.

With the Larong Volleyball sa Pilipinas, Inc. in its formative stage, Gonzaga accepted the role of a team captain and led the Nationals to an impressive finish in the 28th SEA Games in Singapore in 2015.