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Bren Esports cruises to third straight win



Defending MPL champion Bren Esports rediscovered its championship form after a masterful 2-0 rout of Work Auster Force in MPL Season 7 Thursday evening.

The reigning Mobile Legends M2 World Champion squad proved that it had already shaken off rust after a disappointing start as Bren picked its third straight win to even its slate at 3-3 tied with Work Auster Force.

Bren easily plucked victory in Game 1.

Smelling blood, Bren brought KarlTzy’s trademark hero Lancelot backed with Uranus, Jawhead, Chang’e, and Kagura in Game 2 while Kousei, 3MarTzy, rTzy, Chuuu, and Unravel of Work countered with Selena, Chou, Alice, Granger, and Rafaela.

Bren struck early getting three kills in the first three minutes with Kagura, Lancelot, and Uranus. KarlTzy’s trademark hero was a problem for Work right from start, as his quick farm and two kills threw Work off their groove until he was briefly shut down by Selena.

Bren was ahead on kills 11-8, turrets destroyed 3-0, and gold by 5,000 at the 10th minute, then went for the lord, destroyed the second turret on top then the final turret on the middle lane.

Bren took all turrets, two minutes later, then finished the base with a mega kill from Lancelot, ending the match with a 6-1-2 KDA.