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Whole-of-nation approach vs crisis urged




Senator Christopher “Bong” Go reiterated his call for a whole-of-nation approach in overcoming the challenges brought about by the ongoing pandemic.

He urged everyone’s solidarity in observing proper health protocols and called on government to amplify the production and distribution of masks to those who cannot afford to buy their own.

“The government must step in to provide these necessities and ensure compliance of the public to minimum health standards,” Go said in his column “GOing Forward.”

“We, as public servants, must hear them out and work harder to find viable solutions,” he added.

Given the hardships caused by the pandemic, the senator pointed out that Filipinos are in need of alternative options to protect themselves and their loved ones from sickness.

Just like President Duterte, Go said the nation should adopt a more inclusive approach in dealing with issues so that every Filipino can participate and contribute to the bayanihan efforts.

“As we continue to do our best to address the current situation and save more lives, we must also learn from these experiences, identify gaps in government response mechanisms, and be more proactive in preparing for other similar crises in the future,” he urged.

The former Presidential aide said he supports and commends the ongoing efforts of the government, in coordination with the private sector, to set the foundation of being ‘vaccine self-reliant’ in the years to come.

He also thanked pharmaceutical industries for showing interest in locally manufacturing Covid-19 vaccines in the Philippines.

“With this, I ask the various concerned government agencies to work in synergy with the private sector on this promising endeavor and make it easier for all stakeholders to share their expertise,” Go explained.

He encouraged investing heavily in health research initiatives, echoing President Duterte’s call to establish a virology institute that will capacitate the country to conduct scientific research initiatives and eventually develop our own vaccines.

These efforts, he pointed out are intended to avoid similar situations where poorer nations are left with fewer supplies of vaccines as compared to more developed countries that have early on invested in health sciences and medical research.

“While we amplify our efforts to save lives now and better prepare the country for future crises, we should also ensure that no Filipino is left behind towards recovery,” he said.