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Reasons to visit Batanes



(Photo courtesy of FB/Breathtaking Batanes)

Batanes is a beautiful and laidback island destination where you can sit back, relax, feel the positive vibes, the cool sea breeze, and bright sunshine.

The island province, with its picturesque scenery, is a sanctuary. Its beauty makes one’s heart skip a beat.

Aside from what it has to offer visually, Batanes’ pride is its people, the Ivatans. Cheerful, warm, and very hospitable. Always greeting everyone – kin, friend, or stranger – with a smile.

Its people also preserved their colorful culture, from the slow laidback island life, the distinct Batanes houses that have survived countless lashes of typhoons that frequent the region, structures that dated back from the Spanish period to distinct Ivatan cuisine.

Here are a few other reasons why you’ll fall in love with Batanes:


Breathtaking views

Photos courtesy of FB/Batanes Timetravel Lodge

Batanes’ landscape is comprised of rolling hills covered in lush green fields. Racuh A Payaman in Batan, also known as Marlboro Land, is the best place to see to enjoy the cool countryside breeze. Batanes will remind you of a young Julie Andrews singing “The Hills Are Alive” in the 1965 romantic drama film “The Sound of Music,” with its bright blue skies and green rolling hills.


Well-preserved heritage & culture

Batanes is one of the Philippines’ few provinces that has kept its cultural traditions. Learn about the fascinating Ivatan culture and strike up a pleasant conversation with the residents of Diuria Village. The locals also make “vakul,” a headdress that they wear when working in the fields to keep them out of the sun and rain. They might even be able to show you how to do it!


Wonderful locals (Ivatans)

The warm and welcoming citizens of Batanes are part of the island’s charm. The Ivatans, as Batanes’ residents are known, are as naturally beautiful as the island itself, always happy to welcome visitors with a welcoming smile. The Ivatans are exceptionally supportive and polite, and they will be delighted to assist you. They’d all be delighted to welcome you into their homes and tell you interesting tales.


Local arts and cuisine

The bright colors and rich past of Batanes art will undoubtedly inspire you to become a better artist. In Yaru Gallery & Shop and Fundacion Pacita Nature Lodge in Basco, feast your eyes on art pieces that are especially flourishing. While Batanes is not a gourmet destination, the local cuisine has changed over the years. Despite the influence of modern times, the local cuisine has maintained its distinctiveness. Steamed young gabi leaves flavored with diced ginger, onion, garlic, and salt are called Chinavules. If you like sweet treats, try Uvud balls, a delectable dessert made from meatballs smothered in coconut meat strips.


Diverse range of beaches

The island of Batanes is completely surrounded by a spectacular coastline with a variety of beaches. Despite being the Philippines’ smallest island, every town has its own distinct shoreline. Escape to the hidden coves, cream sand beach, and boulder beach, which are all naturally made. The Mahayaw Arch, a naturally formed stone arch in Sabtang, has become a landmark and symbol of the island. Tourists use this arch as a shade and a place to have lunch. Morong Beach, located directly in front of the arch, is a small strip of white sand with finer sands than other beaches in the province.


There’s almost no crime rate

Ivatans are so honest and kind that they have an “Honesty Coffee Shop” where people can buy goods without waiting for staff. As a result, Batanes is regarded as one of the Philippines’ most peaceful provinces. (Joven Ventura Parameo, PUP intern)