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Phl logs over 600 additional COVID variant cases




The Department of Health (DoH) on Sunday reported it has detected 642 additional coronavirus disease (Covid-19) variants cases in the country, including the UK and South African variants which are more transmissible.

The DoH, in cooperation with the University of the Philippines-Philippine Genome Center (UP-PGC) and UP-National Institutes of Health (UP-NIH) said there were an additional 266 new B.1.1.7 or UK variant cases, 351 new B.1.351 or South African variant cases, and 25 P.3 variant cases – which was first found in the Philippines.

However, the department said no additional case of P.1 or Brazil variant.

Of the additional 266 B1.1.7 variant cases, 11 cases are from Returning Overseas Filipinos (ROFs), 188 are local cases while 67 cases are currently being verified if they are local of returning overseas Filipinos.

“Based on the case line list, 8 patients have died from COVID-19 while 54 cases remain active. Still, the remaining 204 have already recovered.” DoH said.

As for the additional 351 B.1.351 variant cases, 15 are ROFs while 263 are local cases. There are 73 cases currently being verified whether they are local or ROF cases.

On the B.1351 variant case line list, 54 cases are still active, 4 cases have expired, and 293 cases have recovered.

For the 25 more P.3 variant cases, 2 are ROFs, 21 are local cases and 2 more cases are being verified if they are local or ROF cases.

Based on the case line list, one case is still active while 24 cases have recovered.