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Erap doing better but still in ICU

His return to the ICU (non-Covid) room was done to monitor and support blood pressure which fluctuated due to infection.

Pat C. Santos



FORMER President Joseph ‘Erap’ Estrada offers a smile from his hospital bed when he was initially sent to the ICU.

Former President Joseph Estrada is much well today than his condition last Friday after he suffered a super-imposed bacterial lung infection.

According to a Facebook post from his son, former Senator Jinggoy Estrada, his father is doing well.

“His medications for blood pressure support are being lessened and his kidney function is improving,” he said.

Overall, he seems to be responding well to measures to control his lung infection, he added.

Estrada will be celebrating his 84th birthday in the hospital on Monday. His father’s birthday wish. According to his son, is to finally go home, but this cannot be fulfilled due to the continuous low levels of oxygen in his blood.

Despite already testing negative from Covid-19, Estrada explained that his father eventually contracted the secondary infection, which is common among Covid-19 patients and a hospital-acquired disease.

“I hope antibiotics will be enough to cure him,” Estrada said.

The former President, according to Jinggoy is still on oxygen support but continues to be alert and oriented. He still remains at the intensive care unit (ICU) for further monitoring.

None of his 11 children except for him has visited him in the hospital.

The former chief executive was born on 19 April 1937 in Tondo, Manila It will be recalled that on Friday Erap was sent back to the ICU because of lung infection.

His return to the ICU (non-Covid) room was done to monitor and support blood pressure which fluctuated due to infection,

Once again Jinggoy plead to friends and family for prayers for his immediate recovery and also to all those infected with Covid-19.