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Bren Esports survives scare from Cignal Ultra




Defending champion Bren Esports scored their second win in MPL Season 7 after pushing back upset-conscious Cignal Ultra, 2-1, on Saturday.

Veteran star Ribo saw Bren through in the deciding game as the M2 World Championship title-holder snatched its second win for a 2-3 slate while sending listless Cignal to a 0-3 hole.

Ribo, Lusty, KarlTzy, FlapTzy, and Pheww introduced a new synergy to their arsenal when they picked Alpha, Mathilda, Popol and Kupa, Chang’e, and Khaleed in Game 1 against Cignal’s Selena, Benedetta, Claude, Silvanna, and Yi Sun-Shin.

It was typical Bren in the early going as they looked confident with their ganks and team fights. Seven minutes in and they were leading in gold by 5,000 and kills 5-3. Bren went to work and destroyed six turrets come the 10:00 mark with Alpha taking the lead with a 4-2-1 KDA.

Cignal, on the other hand, only managed to pop one Bren turret to this point. There was no stopping the Mobile Legends M2 World Champion from there as they made one big push in the middle to end the opening game.

RHEA, Aquaboy, ImbaDeejay, JANUS, and Kekedot of Cignal tied it in Game 2 with their Popol and Kupa, Uranus, Valir, Pharsa, and Lancelot pick.

The first clash took place at the 4:00 mark in the center of the map where Selena killed Valir for first blood. Teams were even in destroyed turrets 2-2 at the 9:00 mark until a huge team fight broke out in the turtle pit that wiped out all of Bren and left just Pharsa alive on the map.

After getting rid of Pharsa and Popol and Kupa at the 15:00 mark, Bren went straight to take the lord where they also killed Uranus who tried to steal. They spread on all lanes to reduce Cignal to three turrets but lost their core in the team fight that prevented them to proceed.

Cignal then attempted to take lord only to see it stolen by Ribo. Though they gave that away, they also managed to kill four Bren heroes which allowed the team to push right straight to the base and win the game. Aquaboy’s Pharsa did a number in Game 2 ending the fight with a 4-2-11 KDA.

Bren brought back Alpha in Game 3 paired with Uranus, Popol and Kupa, Chang’e, and Angela. Cignal’s final draft was composed of two assassins in Jawhead, Selena, Hayabusa, Rafaela, and Bruno.

Cignal was aggressive in the first six minutes using their Jawhead to set team fights. Ten minutes in, Cignal was ahead on turrets destroyed 2-1, and kills 5-3. Though Alpha’s damage looked insufficient in team fights, his crowd control helped pacify Cignal’s double assassin lineup.

A successful lord take from Bren at the 16:45 mark saw Cignal lose their third turret on top leaving them just one each in the mid and bottom lane. They pushed the remaining turrets three minutes later with Uranus tanking on the frontline taking all the incoming damage.

With Uranus unkillable and the lord on their side, Bren made one big push in the middle to end the series. Ribo’s Chang’e stood out in Game 3 with a 4-0-3 KDA.