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Heaven Peralejo: Bashing, rumors too much to bear

Pauline Songco



The weight of recent rumors and issues was just too much to bear for Heaven Peralejo.

In a YouTube vlog uploaded on 10 April, the star of the drama-romance series Bagong Umaga said she felt physically and mentally drained over the accusations thrown at her.

She pointed out: “I’ve been through a lot of bashing. It really does have an effect. It just dawned on me now that I’m all alone.”

Words, even if not true, affect a person even if he or she doesn’t show it, Heaven admitted. “Though it seems that I’m okay as you can see with my social media posts, but deep inside I’m hurting.”

In the same vlog, Heaven revealed that she had tested positive for Covid-19. Living in isolation for a couple of days took a toll on her.

She said that she sensed something was wrong when she felt listless (“wala akong gana”), maybe I was just tired. A lot of things were happening to me (“sobrang daming nangyayari sa akin”) these past few days and weeks — all these issues, problems, Covid, work and life.”

But the 21-year-old actor-model added she’s making an effort to rise amid the challenges: “I’m trying to fight it. My friend told me, ‘hugot ka’ (find strength) from other people if you can’t find the will yourself.”

She learned she was Covid-positive while in a locked-in location taping for Bagong Umaga. She was put in quarantine in a hotel before being sent home for isolation.

When her symptoms got worse, Heaven was admitted in a hospital. “It felt so surreal… feeling weak and having headaches. It was difficult to breathe, parang ang bigat bigat ng puso ko, (like my heart felt heavy),” she said.

On 11 April, Heaven posted on Instagram that she had recovered from the virus.

On her vlog, she said she hopes that whoever is going through what she experienced can cope and recover.