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Aura punishes trio marksman lineup, sweeps Onic




Onic PH’s high-risk draft did not see a payoff against Aura PH on week three day two of MPL Season 7 Friday evening, 16 April.
Just when a double marksman lineup has continued to fail in the tournament, Onic’s Hate, Dlar, Jay, Kairi, and Iy4knu doubled down with a trio marksman draft with Selena, Granger, Popol and Kupa, Claude, and Barats.
Onic’s pure damage lineup scored them five kills in the first 90 seconds of the opening game mainly because of Diggie. Onic tried to make the Diggie feed strategy work to their advantage by letting Granger farm on it, reaching legendary just seven minutes into the fight.
Aura’s Lunox, Baxia, Diggie, Alice, and Yi Sun-Shinwas were bent on pushing, breaking 4 turrets at the 10:00 mark while Aura is yet to pop one.
Two minutes later, Aura took the lord to destroy Onic’s third tower on top and middle lane. Aura finished in the middle lane as they pushed with the lord at the 16:00 mark. Jaypee’s Diggie got the credit in the end for not allowing Onic to farm, ending Game 1 with a 1-28-8 KDA.
Aura’s Rafflesia, Bennyqt, Greed_, LORD HADESS, and Jaypee picked Angela, Ling, Baxia, Harith, and Natalia in Game 2 while Onic fought back with Benedetta, Rafaela, Chou, Lunox, and Roger.
An overly aggressive Benedetta was killed twice in the first two minutes of the game. Kills were close 9-8 at the 8:00 mark before Onic started to take over two minutes after they destroyed four turrets.
A two for two trade on the bottom lane took place at the 13:00 mark which temporarily halted Onic’s momentum. A lord take from turned the tide for Aura as it allowed them to make a massive push at the 15:00 mark leaving just the third middle and bottom lane turrets with half HP.
Minions eventually took care of the third turret in the mid lane while Natalia popped the last turret of the bottom lane via backdoor. Aura poured everything they got upon pushing the middle, killing all Onic heroes along the way with Angela reaching Godlike with a 7-0-8 KDA.
It was Onic’s second straight defeat of the season, dropping their standing to 2-2 while Aura improved to 3-1.