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For the regular man/woman on the street back home, what are the options open to them?

Cory Quirino



What is a person supposed to do if he/she gets infected with Covid-19?

In light of the emergency situation placing hospitals at critical levels, with vaccines trickling in and amid the fear of so-called adverse reactions, the public finds itself in a precarious situation.

Caught in confusion and searching for the proverbial light at a tunnel’s end, it is but normal to find strength in one’s built-in survival instincts.

Yes, the preservation of life is paramount — one that, morally speaking, should supersede bureaucracy and procrastination. The will of the people is intertwined with the cries of a people and the message reverberates loudly in the public forum of opinion as easily as it echoes through our individual conscience: ”HELP US.”

Out of options
Admittedly, there is a surge so alarmingly high that forces people to “stay home.” Question: are lockdowns really effective? We have seen success stories in Sweden, Texas, New Zealand, Taiwan and Australia. Yes, even China.

IF you opt for home quarantine, immediately isolate yourself in a separate room. / PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF UNSPLASH/ANNIE SPRATT

It appears that life for them has a semblance of normalcy — with no strict lockdowns. The economy is picking up and life has continued to “go on.”

For the regular man/woman on the street back home, what are the options open to them? Little or no employment, congested barangays, no budget to spend on masks, face shields and alcohol. An outbreak in this scenario is just waiting to happen as it already is. With hospitalization not an option, what is the alternative?

Can these underprivileged families survive on cans of sardines? I think not. And when one goes down with Covid-19, the rest of the family gets sick. The story repeats like a recurring nightmare. Is there no medication in sight that is affordable, safe and effective?

Amazing recoveries
While the dialogue between the Concerned Doctors and Citizens of the Philippines, Anti-Red Tape Authority, Department of Health and Food and Drug Administration continues, we hope for a speedy resolution to make the medicine commercially available. Presently, compounding pharmaceutical companies will make it available through a doctor’s prescription.

Let the stories of recoveries speak for themselves. Here they are:

A 95-year-old grandmother tested positive. Her doting daughter immediately gave her Ivermectin, which was locally compounded by a pharmacy. Within 48 hours, she was up and about displaying no symptoms of fever or cough, just mild exhaustion. After finishing her five-day medication, she was good as new.


A 55-year-old mother developed fever and cough. She tested positive. Fearing she might have contaminated her husband and son, she immediately isolated herself in a separate room but in the same condominium unit. She and her family took Ivermectin. In two days, her fever disappeared. While her cough lingered, it eventually went away after one week. She tested negative 10 days later. Her husband and son tested negative, too.

A grandmother of 68 panicked when she discovered that two of their house helpers got sick with Covid-19. Without wasting time, she made everyone in the household take the medication. Nobody needed hospitalization. Her six-year-old grandson was given a half-capsule/half of the medicine for three days. Tragedy was averted.

A family of 10 went down with Covid-19. All took the drug and followed the set protocol. This plus multivitamins and Azithromycin helped everyone recover completely in eight days.

Stories like these are happening not just in the Philippines but all over the world. Well-meaning doctors worldwide have joined the Ivermectin crusade. The question is: do we want to save lives now, not later? Because by the time “later” arrives, it would have already been too late. Just asking.

Affirmation: “I will act now, not later.”

Love and light!