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Former Viva Hotbabe Sheree recalls getting indecent proposals worth millions

Izel Abanilla



(Photos courtesy of IG/shereevb420)

As a sexy actress, original Viva Hotbabe Sheree Bautista had her fair share of indecent proposals.

What’s even more compelling to note is the price range of proposals can go by the millions.

“Pero kasi depende rin naman talaga sayo ‘yun eh. Okay sanang pakinggan ‘yon [idea of instant millions], maganda sana ‘yon pero syempre ‘pag hindi mo rin naman feel ‘yung kasama mo paano mo rin naman ma-e-enjoy ‘yung maraming pera tapos pag-uwi mo parang [irked gesture] kailangan mo takpan ng tuwalya sa feslakey [face] niya. Maraming money sana pero ‘yun nga hindi ko talaga siya kaya,” Sheree said in an exclusive zoom interview with the Daily Tribune.

Along with confirming the existence of such proposals, Sheree also admitted to knowing personalities who actually accept these enticing offers.

She, however, passes no judgment to anyone who chooses to engage in such deals. But for her, she would always choose to do the act of making love for love and not for money.

For her, while such offers are almost impossible to resist, she just could not bear the idea of getting paid for sex.

“Madami. I-o-offer ka ng money, ng luxury. Siguro kasi sa akin lang respect whatever it is ‘yung mga decisions kasi I know naman din people who are doing that. Just for myself lang hindi ko lang siya kaya gawin,” she said.

“Pinalaki lang talaga kasi siguro ko na takot siguro kay Lord, number one. I cannot do it na ano lang thinking na binabayaran ako. But there are people who can afford to do that and I don’t judge them for that, just for myself lang, hindi ko lang siya kaya gawin kasi I’d rather have feelings for someone,” added Sheree.

A true-blue hopeless romantic, Sheree would rather get to know someone and spark some romance before getting in the sack.

“Meron ‘yung tatanungin ka, anong gusto mo? Gusto mo ng pera? Ba’t ayaw mo? Mas gusto ko ‘yung may ano muna pacute-pacute, yung parang get to know each other, date-date bago yung [sex]…”  she quipped.

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