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Bea Alonzo on Gerald Anderson: I can’t even find the words to describe that man

Izel Abanilla



(Bea Alonzo via Instagram/beaalonzo)

Actress Bea Alonzo pulled no punches on revealing some very intimate details about her life, past and present.

Speaking for the first time, two years after her immensely controversial break-up with ex Gerald Anderson, Bea let her true feelings be heard.

Bea and Gerald had their first shot at romance back in their younger years. However, it was short-lived and lasted only for three months. Years later, they rekindled their old flame, as Bea let go of all inhibitions and just followed her heart.

“I don’t know, maybe because it’s our second chance and I didn’t want it to fail,” she said in an exclusive interview with journalist G3 San Diego for Mega entertainment.

However, all eventually crumbled.

Gerald in many instances denied accusations of cheating on Bea let alone ghosting her. His denial unfortunately did not stop Bea from standing by her truth.

“Apart from, of course, the whole infidelity thing and the whole ghosting thing, I think I’m mad at him more because he gas-lighted me. I think it was more of that and until now, he’s not holding himself accountable. That’s what really gets me. He has not changed. Not a bit. He was only protecting himself. He’s selfish,” she said.

After everything she went through, Bea seemed to have emptied her cup about Gerald, “I can’t even find the words to describe that man.”


I would have slapped him

If only Bea has a chance to get back on that moment she chanced upon Gerald during the 2019 Star Magic Ball, she would’ve given the actor’s face a feel of her hand.

“I would have slapped him. I would have,” she admitted.

Had it happened, it would surely beat every confrontation scene she’s done for the camera.

“Nakita ko yung likod n’ya nung ball pero na-traffic kami, hindi ko na sya nakita and medyo nakainom pa naman ako ‘nun.” she added.

Bea felt so betrayed when she was suddenly left in the cold and clueless of what’s happening.

Her controversial “Enough” post on social media was her act of self-reprisal. She had enough of Gerald.

“To be honest, when he ghosted me, para akong na-scam. As in like, when I posted what I posted, (the “Enough” post on Instagram), it felt like a weight off my shoulder. Parang I felt I was able to get my power back. Parang naisip ko, in my head, ‘Let me show you who I really am,’” Bea said.

“Siguro yung baon ko talaga is not to let myself be cheated on that way ever again, by anybody. I will never subject myself anymore to that type of relationship,” she added.