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Derek Ramsay hits back at engagement ring bashers

Izel Abanilla



Actor Derek Ramsay once and for all put to rest the ugly issues about the controversial engagement ring he gave to fiance Ellen Adarna.

Bashers were quick to speculate that Derek gave Ellen a ‘recycled’ ring, saying that the hunk actor had given it before to his ex-girlfriends before landing on her fiance’s finger.

“So, sa mga bashers na sinabing pinagpasahan ko ‘to, eh ‘di dapat nasa news ako na engaged na before, ‘di ba? First time ko narinig na ex-deal.” he said in his recent interview with entertainment writer G3 San Diego.

Derek and Ellen’s relationship has been an intrigue fodder ever since they admitted that they’re a couple just a couple of months back. Barely three months into their relationship, Derek proposed to Ellen and gave her a jaw-dropping teardrop cut diamond ring which the actress proudly flaunted on social media.

“That’s funny pero ‘yun nga, they said that this ring has been passed on to all my exes and that’s just so low. Because the stress I had with the ring everyone saw it. I’m numb already. I don’t understand their way of thinking anymore,” Derek added.

He also belied claims that the ring was an ex-deal (exchanged deal).

“I tagged the people who did the ring because I’m appreciative. There’s no ex-deal here. Nothing of the sort. My God ang cheap naman nu’n. This is me getting married. This is me proposing,” he said.

Derek also slammed on bashers accusing him of marrying Ellen for her money.

Ellen’s family is known to be among the richest clans in Cebu. They have several businesses but they’re mostly known for their chain of motels with numerous branches in Cebu and other provinces.

However, Derek himself came from a well-to-do family of business people owning staggering properties in provinces such as Tagaytay, Palawan and Batangas. Apart from his family’s riches, Derek also remains to be one of showbiz’ highest paid actors.

Hence, his capacity to pay Ellen’s ring in full.