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Apex Legends exploring game modes outside of battle royale



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Apex Legends has solely been a battle royale ever since its launch in February 2019.

While fresh modes and events are added every now and then in limited-time events, the game still revolves around its BR element with tweaks around the play style.

However, all of that could change in the future according to Respawn Entertainment Apex Legends Design Director Jason McCord. In a recently uploaded video by Respawn, McCord revealed that they are now exploring ways to give Apex Legends fans more ways to play the game.

“Currently Apex is strictly a battle royale, but we’ve built these characters and this world that players really want to be in, even if they don’t love battle royales,” he said.

“So at a really high level, I’ll just say that that’s something we want to focus on solving this year, other ways to play the game,” McCord added.

Though not much detail has been provided by McCord, the idea of having new modes is surely a welcome development in the Apex Legends community.

For now, fans would have to sit still while the devs are figuring out new ways to play the battle royale team-based first-person shooter.