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Work Auster Force edges Nexplay Esports in thriller



Work Auster Force came out on top, 2-1, in a three-game thriller with fan-favorite Nexplay Esports on Sunday in Week 2 of MPL Season 7.

A game down, Work Auster Force banked on 3MarTzy’s clutch plays in Game 2 before Chuuu came to the rescue in the decider to edge out Nexplay for their first win in two outings.

Nexplay absorbed its second straight defeat for a 1-3 win-loss mark.

Nexplay, which came off a 0-2 loss to Omega on Saturday, opened the match aggreasively with Jeymz, Exort, H2wo, RENEJAY, and Yawi picking a solid lineup in Game 1 with Esmeralda, Claude, Silvanna, Benedetta, and Chang’e against Work’s Paquito, Kagura, Uranus, Bruno, and Rafaela.

H2wo went to work early with his Benedetta opening the game with a 1-1-2 KDA in four minutes. Nine minutes in and Nexplay was ahead on kills 10-3, gold by 4,000, and has destroyed three turrets.

A big team melee took place at the 10:00 mark where Benedetta unleashed her Alecto: Final Blow to help kill two heroes of Work. They took the lord and went for a push on the top lane then swung to the middle to destroy its second turret.

A huge team fight happened at the 15:00 mark which paved way for Nexplay to eliminate the entire Work roster en route to destroying the base. Benedetta ended Game 1 with a 9-2-10 KDA.

Work regrouped in Game 2 with Uranus carrying the team backed by Mathilda, Claude, Bane, and Mathilda. Nexplay was aggressive as it opted to drop a tank in its roster composed of Jawhead, Esmeralda, Benedetta, Hayabusa, and Kaja lineup.

Mathilda was first to draw blood in the bottom lane with his flicker soul bloom combo that sent Hayabusa back to base. Teams clashed at the 7:00 mark where Esmeralda registered two kills after Nexplay refused to let their turret in the middle go down.

Another fight took place three minutes later which saw Uranus reach legendary improving his KDA to 8-0-2. They went for a winning push which saw 3MarTzy’s Uranus get more kills and assists ending Game 2 with 11-1-7 KDA.

Work’s Unravel, Kousei, Chuuu, rTzy, and 3MarTzy went all-out in Game 3, drafting Chou, Baxia, Alice, Hayabusa, and Lunox against Nexplay’s Claude, Silvanna, Wanwan, Angela, and Lapu-Lapu.

Work was dominant in the early going as it opened with a 7-2 lead on the kill board. Seven minutes in and Chuuu was on a monster kill with his Hayabusa mainly due to Nexplay struggling to keep up with his Quad Shadow and Ougi: Shadow Kill.

Nine minutes in, Work was leading on gold by 10,000, kills by 10-3, and has destroyed six towers while Nexplay came up empty-handed. Work went for a GG push in the 11th minute that saw Hayabusa reach legendary en route to a rousing victory and wrapped up the match with a 8-0-6 KDA.