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Nexplay outclasses struggling reigning champion Bren



Fan-favorite Nexplay bounced back mightily from an opening day setback after a morale-boosting 2-0 domination of struggling defending champion Bren Esports in the MPL Season 7 Sunday evening.

Less than 24 hours after suffering a sorry defeat at the hands of Laus Playbook, Nexplay jumped into the win column with a resounding victory that buried the listless Mobile Legends M2 world champions into a 0-2 win-loss hole.

The team composed of H2wo, Exort, Yawi, RENEJAY, and Jeymz, opened up with a Chou, Silvanna, Yve, Esmeralda, and Ling lineup against Bren’s Pheww, KarlTzy, FlapTzy, Lusty., and Ribo who picked Paquito, Claude, Baxia, Kagura, and Uranus in Game 1.

FlapTzy’s Lapu-Lapu drew the first kill of the series after he caught Baxia with a morphed weapon from his ultimate. An important kill took place before the eight-minute mark as Nexplay took down Roger, who was getting ahead in level and gold at that point.

Nine minutes in and Ribo was able to dispose of three from Nexplay with his Esmeralda. A vital clash before the 14th minute saw Nexplay getting the better of Bren leaving just Chou alive on the map.

Bren struggled in the closing minutes as Exort’s Yve was able to build his triple wand which paved the way in getting a winning push with the lord. Jeymz’s Baxia had a crucial role for Nexplay creating important plays to win the match, ending Game 1 with a 5-1-5 KDA.

Chou, Silvanna, Yve, Esmeralda, and Ling were the heroes of choice for Nexplay in Game 2 as Bren picked Paquito, Claude, Baxia, Kagura, and Uranus.

An aggressive Lusty. paid the price after his Paquito was hounded by three heroes allowing Esmeralda to draw the first blood. A little over a minute later, FlapTzy and Pheww also died from a tank in the bottom lane. Ribo’s Uranus was eliminated at 5:20 after three heroes mobbed him.

Nexplay was ahead on kills at the seventh minute by 9-2 but Bren is yet to lose a tower. KarlTzy took a dive in the middle lane at the 9:40 mark which spelled trouble for Bren as they lost 4 heroes for his bad play leaving just Uranus on the map.

Nexplay was ahead by 8,000 on gold and 19-5 on kills just eleven minutes into the game. They went straight for a big push and popped the base, beating a dominated Bren to win Game 2. H2wo’s Ling ended the game with an 8-0-7 KDA.