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Blacklist International brings down Aura PH in season debut



Blacklist International turned back Aura PH, 2-1, in an impressive come-from-behind victory to open its campaign in the MPL Season 7 on Sunday.

OhMyV33NUS and OHEB showed the way for Blacklist International in the Game 2 and Game 3, respectively, as the squad recovered from a game down to deny Aura PH of a second straight win following its rally over Work-Auster Force last Friday.

Blacklist, which also has Wise, Edward, and ESon, drafted Yi Sun-Shin, Paquito, Harith, Popol and Kupa, and Atlas to open the match against Aura’s Mathilda, Jawhead, Chou, Bane, and Claude pieces.

Benedetta drew first blood on Tigreal less than a minute into the game but Blacklist got even a minute later after Karrie killed Jawhead.

Five minutes in and ESON was already down four times with his Tigreal allowing Aura to take the lead in gold by 2000. A team fight took place at the seven-minute mark where Yi Sun-Shin got a double kill while Killuash’s Benedetta was on a killing spree.

Aura asserted their dominance three minutes later to go ahead with a kill score gap of 11-2, gold lead by 9000, and four destroyed turrets.

With the lord on their side, Aura went for a big push that saw all Blacklist towers down en route to a dominant victory. Greed_ ended the fight with a 5-0-4 KDA with his Kagura while Killuash had 5-0-1 with his Benedetta.

Aura’s Greed_, Jaypee, Bennyqt, Killuash, and Rafflesia picked Mathilda, Jawhead, Chou, Bane, and Claude for Game 2 while Blacklist had Yi Sun-Shin, Paquito, Harith, Popol and Kupa, and Atlas.

The players seemed more cautious and calculated with their approach in Game 2 with the first clash coming in at 3:20 when Blacklist got two kills with Yi Sun-Shin and Popol and Kupa.

The turtle-take in the 4:30 mark saw the two teams clash again but it was Aura that got the better of Blacklist this time with Mathilda killing Yi Sun-Shin and Atlas for a double kill.

Blacklist got even two minutes later as Popol and Kupa got a double kill in the top lane to shut down the streaking Mathilda.

With the lord on their side by the 12:00 mark, Blacklist went for the game-winning push to force Game 3 with a 17-5 kill score. OhMyV33NUS’ Popol and Kupa proved problematic, scoring a 4-0-7 KDA against the overwhelmed Aura.

The final pick was crucial for Blacklist as they went with Yi Sun-Shin, Harith, Paquito, Yve, and Franco to take on Aura’s Benedetta, Alice, Lancelot, Grock, and Chang’e for all the marbles.

Edward drew first blood in the top lane with his Benedetta after he was able to corner Paquito with the help of Lancelot.

Aura was surgical with their offense five minutes in leading the kill score 4-1 with Killuash having a 2-0-1 KDA with his Benedetta and Jaypee with his Lancelot 2-0-2.

Blacklist slowly crawled their way back mid game taking over the kill score 11-7 with OHEB’s Harith getting a triple kill to advance his KDA to 5-1-3. 12 minutes in and Harith was dominating as he got another triple kill that ended Aura PH for good.