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Onic PH shocks M2 world champ Bren Esports



Onic PH made a strong statement on its debut and left a clear message to the rest of the field Saturday night.

As proof of how dead serious the squad is in its goal to contend for the MPL Season 7 crown, Onic PH slew a giant in defending champion and reigning Mobile Legends M2 world titlist Bren Esports, 2-1, in the tournament’s biggest upset so far after two days of action.

Onic PH banked on Iy4knu’s inspired outing in Game 2 that forced the decider before Kairi. led way in Game 3 in an onslaught that left Bren Esports stunned.

Pheww, KarlTzy, FlapTzy, Lusty, and Ribo went with Mathilda, Benedetta, Silvanna, Lapu-Lapu, and Pharsa pick for Bren. Chou, Paquito, Chang’e, Roger, and Khaleed were Onic’s choices for Game 1.

Three minutes into the game and KarlTzy was already able to register two kills to his name and FlapTzy got one too for joining the fight. Bren stole the purple buff in a team fight shortly then proceeded to kill the turtle.

KarlTzy got a killing spree with his Benedetta at the 9:00 mark after a team fight ensued as Bren went for the first turret in the bottom lane. Bren looked greedy two minutes later as KarlTzy and Lusty. dove to the bottom turret to get a kill but died.

KarlTzy made up for his mistake at the 13:30 mark as he unleashed Final Blow to get a double kill and save two of his teammates from getting killed.

They also took the lord after the fight, which played a role in going for a GG push fifteen minutes into the match. KarlTzy, the MVP of Mobile Legends M2 World Championship, ended the game with a 10-1-2 KDA.

Game 2 looked very different after Bren drafted Paquito, Benedetta, Esmeralda, Angela, and Luo Yi. Onic, meanwhile, chose to play Chou, Uranus, Lunox, Roger, and Alice.

Onic got the turtle in the two-minute mark but lost two heroes to KarlTzy’s Benedetta with support from Ribo’s Angela. Five minutes in and Onic found success in picking their kills after they caught Ribo alone in the bottom lane.

Benedetta is on a killing spree at the 8:00 mark but was caught in the middle of a team fight making KarlTzy take his first death in the second stanza. FlapTzy was Unstoppable with his Esmeralda at the 13:00 mark as he killed 4 heroes with only Uranus managing to survive.

Esmeralda was Godlike at the 15:00 mark as he tore the entire Onic roster apart with the help of Angela’s Heartguard. Onic however refused to back down as they won a clash at the 18:00 mark wiping Bren off the map leaving Ribo’s Angela as the lone survivor.

With all of their turrets gone, Onic took the lord and made a comeback to force a game three with Bren. Iy4knu’s plays were credited for the turnaround, his Alice ended the fight with a 7-5-11 KDA.

Game 3 was a match that nobody ever saw coming as Onic’s composition of Benedetta, Lunox, Uranus, Chou, and Kaja, totally dominated Alice, Paquito, Pharsa, Diggie, and Granger of Bren Esports.

Hate played his Benedetta as a bait in the early going which paved the way for Lunox to get a double kill and a free turtle in the first two minutes of the match.

Kairi. was on a Monster Kill with his Lunox barely five minutes into the game. Onic’s confidence was over the rood at the 6:00 mark as they lead on the kill board by 12-2.

Kairi. reached Legendary with 8 kills in nine minutes further widening the gap in kills by 16-3 and gold difference by 10,000. Come the 13th minute, Onic went for a big push that ended the series 2-1. Kairi.’s Lunox was the MVP of game three with a KDA of 8-0-3.