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Laus Playbook outlasts Nexplay



(Photo courtesy of Facebook/MPL)

Laus Playbook Esports scored a huge shocker to open its campaign in the MPL Season 7 after an impressive 2-1 upset victory over fan favorite Nexplay on Saturday.

Arvs’ support Silvanna keyed in the crucial Game 3 win to complete Laus Play ESports’ conquest after squandering a 1-0 lead and was crowned MVP his 6-2-8 KDA in the decider.

Arvs, Beemo, Ryota., JAKE THE DOG, and Aspect, picked familiar heroes in Game 1 with Silvanna, Claude, Uranus, Esmeralda, and Eudora. Nexplay’s Jeymz, H2wo, RENEJAY, Yawi, and LanceCy drafted Benedetta, Roger, Alice, Kagura, and Wanwan.

Laus went to attack early but paid for their aggression as Nexplay sent Silvanna and Uranus back to base barely two minutes into the game. Laus went for the turtle at the five-minute mark and was too focused to get the bonus that they were caught off guard losing three of their five heroes.

Another team fight ensued seven minutes as Laus lost Silvanna, Claude, and Eudora from a well-timed combination of skills from Nexplay extending the kill lead to 10-4.

Nexplay was able to pop all the second turrets and two third turrets as they went for a hard push in thirteen minutes. They also got kills along the way furthering the lead on the board to 14-6. Laus, meanwhile, held on to dear life but only had the mid lane last tower left in their base.

Nexplay took the lord 17 minutes in as Laus was reduced to defending their base from minions. Their final push was a success, as the lord overwhelmed Laus from the top lane while the full roster of Nexplay went to destroy the last standing turret in the middle lane.

RENEJAY’s Wanwan proved too much for Laus as he registered a 4-0-6 KDA while H2wo’s Roger scored 6-1-4 to secure Game 1 for Nexplay.

Nexplay picked Roger, Yu Zhong, Yve, Tigreal, and Alice in Game 2. Laus, on the other hand, chose Harith, Yi Sun-Shin, Benedetta, Chang’e, and Silvanna.

Nexplay looked confident and dominant in the early going of Game 2 as Yve and Tigreal scored the first two kills for the team. Just like in day one, Yve’s real world manipulation looked promising in clashes as Nexplay relied on LanceCy in setting up team fights with his ultimate.

Eight minutes into the game, Laus was able to destroy the first turrets on all lanes as JAKE THE DOG was on a killing spree with his Harith. Eleven minutes into the game, they started to pick Nexplay apart as they took over the kill board 12-8 and gold lead by 4000.

Nexplay lost three heroes as the real world manipulation was not enough to slow down Harith during a vital clash in the 12th minute.

Six minutes after, Nexplay was left with only the third turret in the bottom tower. Laus moved for a final push only to lose Harith, Chang’e, and Yi Sun-Shin in the process. Nexplay, however, was unable to take advantage of winning the fight as they were forced to defend the base from minions.

Laus went for a GG push as soon as they respawned with JAKE THE DOG taking the lead with his 6-1-10 KDA to win Game 2.

It was pure domination from Laus in Game 3 with their Bruno, Rafaela, Silvanna, Lapu-Lapu, and Claude pick. They surgically picked Nexplay’s Roger, Bane, Grock, Alice, and Pharsa apart one by one scoring a massive kill lead of 23-6.

They proceeded to end the game with one big push with the lord at the 17-minute mark.