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Lacson backs stricter lockdown in areas with high COVID cases



Senator Panfilo Lacson on Thursday expressed support over the imposition of stricter lockdown in areas with high cases of coronavirus (Covid-19) infections but only for an extended period of time.

Lacson said he favors granular lockdowns to help control the rising number of infections but it should be time-bound to not to batter the country’s economy still reeling from the effects of the pandemic.

He added that the business sector should be well-informed if a lockdown will happen to aid them adjust their plans.

“I would support a time-bound Enhanced Community Quarantine-type lockdown but only in areas with unusually high number of covid infections so as not to further punish an already suffering economy,” the senator said in a text message shared to reporters.

“Time-bound in order to allow the business sector to plan in advance their way forward and make adjustments in their business activities like production, marketing and the like,” he added.

The lawmaker reiterated continuous study and assessment, along with the appropriate adjustments, hold the key to success in the government’s drive to vaccinate at least 70 million Filipinos to reach herd immunity.

“Prevention and cure should go hand in hand. This is where continuing assessment and corresponding adjustments in the plan already laid out should be made depending on the prevailing needs and priorities on the ground,” he said.

As of 18 March, the Philippines has recorded a fresh 5,290 Covid-19 cases increasing the total numbers to 640, 984.

The Department of Health previously said the surge of coronavirus infections in the country reached another “peak” as cases as high as 4,000 to 5,000 are being logged every day.

The OCTA Research Group said that if the trend continues then daily cases in Metro Manila could hit 16,000 by mid-April.