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Kielvj shines as Execration sweeps Omega Esports in MPL Season 7 opener



Photo courtesy of FB/MPL

Not even a freak accident a day before the opening match of MPL Season 7 could stop Kiel Vj “Kielvj” Hernadez from giving Execration a dominating 2-0 win over Omega Esports on Friday.

Kielvj , who had to be rushed to the hospital Thursday night after the top bunk of a double deck bed fell on him, was crowned MVP as he ended the match with a 8-0-7 KDA.

Omega opened the match with a surprising magic heavy lineup of Mathilda, Harley, Alice, Yu Zhong, and Valir while Execration went for a more late game approach with Claude, Paquito, Lunox, Tigreal, and Baxia.

A battle for the turtle at the three-minute mark allowed Hadjizy to draw first blood with his Harley sending Kielvj’s Claude back to base.

A wondering Kelra was ambushed by a team of four shortly after. The second clash between the two teams saw Harley getting another kill as they caught Execration’s Tigreal with their deadly magic output.

Both teams met in the middle of the map at the 7:00 mark as they battled it out once again for the turtle that allowed Hadjizy to get his killing spree.

A trade-off took place at the 9:00 mark as Haze took one for the team while E2MAX did the same for Execration

But it was at the ten-minute mark that Execration’s late-game lineup started to pay off as they soundly beat Omega with a team fight that allowed them to finally get the much-needed lead in gold.

Two of Omega Esports’ tier three towers were done in thirteen minutes though the score was tied at 7-7. Heath tried to poke as Execration was killing the lord but mistakenly over-committed and was picked apart.

A team clash ensued shortly after allowing Execration to wipe the entire squad of Omega. Kielvj took advantage of the moment as he went straight to base and secured the first win for his team ending the game with a 12-9 score.

Execration did the surprising in Game 2 as they picked Ling, Yve, Alice, Baxia, and Mathilda while Omega went for the deadly combination of Jawhead and Eudora, Yi Sun-shin, Uranus, and Hayabusa.

The first clash came at the three-minute mark where Omega managed to kill two heroes to get a small lead in gold. A risky play from Kielvj closed the gap at the 5:00 mark as they get kills of their own to even the score at 6-6.

Omega was relentless throughout the next four minutes but Kelra’s real world manipulation proved to be a problem.

Kielvj and Kelra tried to go for a finish by the thirteen-minute mark but were unable to pull it off as the rest of the Omega respawned before they can finish the job.

Execration took the lord at the 14:00 mark to overwhelmingly turn the tide to their favor en route to another win in Game 2.