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Aura PH rallies past Work-Auster Force



(Photo courtesy of FB/MPL)

Aura PH dodged an opening day upset ax as it came back from a game down to complete a 2-1 come-from-behind escape over gritty newcomer Work-Auster Force Friday in the MPL Season 7.

The former champions found the much-needed spark in Game 2 after a disappointing outing in the opening draw of the best-of-three match to join Execration, which demolished Omega Esports, 2-0, in the curtain-raiser, in the opening day winners list.

Rafflesia bagged the MVP as he pulled off crucial plays down the stretch in the deciding game with his Grock, which finished with a 0-3-10 KDA.

Aura, composed of Rafflesia, Bennyqt, Killuash, Greed_, and Jaypee, picked Silvanna, Bane, Yve, Thamuz, and Yi Sun-Shin in Game 1 against Work’s Chou, Esmeralda, Diggie, Kagura, and Bruno.

The opening game saw Work moving for an early attack on the top tower, dealing a decent amount of damage in the opening minute. The tussle for the turtle started at the 2:00 mark when Bruno took first blood by eliminating Jaypee’s Yi Sun-Shin.

Work popped the bottom tower at the 6:00 mark but not without Diggie getting killed in a fight while Bruno got a double kill in the middle of the map after he caught Silvanna and Thamuz in a team fight.

Thamuz caught rTzy in the ninth-minute killing his Kagura and Bruno in the process. Work continued to pressure Aura as they secured the lord in ten minutes and went for the third tower in the middle as the lord pushed the top lane.

Thirteen minutes into the game, Work was ahead on the scoreboard 9-6 and gold by six thousand.

Rafflesia was caught out of position 14 minutes into the game as he went to disrupt lord alone getting easily picked apart by Work. It proved to be a crucial mistake as Work took down all the third towers on all lanes while he was out.

Two minutes later, Work went straight to base wiping the entire Aura roster while losing just one of their own. Kagura ended the match with a 9-2-2 KDA.

Aura used a similar roster come Game 2 in Bane, Thamuz, Karrie, Grock, and Kagura. Work, on the other hand, was able to pick Diggie once more but replaced Chou with Lapu-Lapu paired with Esmeraldo, Lunox, and Claude.

Kagura scored the first kill almost three minutes into Game 2 after Work was caught in a bad position in a jungle fight.

Aura was already in control if the game seven minutes in they lead in gold by 4000 and on the scoreboard 5-2 with Kagura leading the charge with a 3-1-0 KDA.

Less than nine minutes into the match and Aura was already able to destroy the second tower of both the bottom and middle lanes. Two minutes later, Aura went for the third tower in the middle and bottom lane then straight to the base to even the score at 1-1.

It was Bane that gave problems as his burst damage proved too much to handle for Work ending Game 2 with a 3-0-5 KDA.

Crowd favorite Lancelot, Thamuz, Grock, Kagura, and Khaleed were Aura’s choices for Game 3. Work, on the other hand, returned Chou to their roster then picked Esmeralda, Silvanna, Karrie, and Kadita.

First blood came early after Khaleed caught Chou in a tank less than a minute into the final game. Bennyqt’s Thamuz was mobbed by three in the bottom lane before Grock was taken down in the middle of the map as well barely four minutes in allowing Work to lead in kills by 4-1.

It later became evident that Aura was not after the kill but after the turrets. With a 3500 lead on gold, Aura swiftly took down the second turrets in the middle and bottom lane leaving Work scattered around the map.

Thirteen minutes in and Aura was already going for the GG push with the lord ending the series.