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Omega Esports not intimidated by defending champ Bren



(Photo courtesy of Facebook/Shiruuu)

Omega Esports will not allow themselves to be intimidated by Bren Esports in the upcoming MPL Season 7 which is scheduled to start Friday, March 19.

Bren Esports is the defending MPL champion and has recently won the Mobile Legends M2 World Championship last January where they took home a massive $140,000 prize.

Despite their overwhelming achievements, the pro players of Omega Esports remain confident of their chances when it is time to face the kings of Mobile Legends.

“We don’t think that we are going to lose or at a disadvantage because they are the champion. Everyone is equal here in ML, it only boils down to strategies and mentality in the game,” Jeniel “Haze” Bata-anon told in an interview with Beyond the Meta.

“If we are nervous so are they because we are all humans. When we lose then it means we lacked something in what we did so it is what it is.”

The team that is composed of Kenneth Jiane “Kenji” Villa, Jeniel “Haze” Bata-anon, Salic “Hadji” Imam, Earin John “Heath” Esperana, Jankurt Russel “Kurttzy” Matira, and Adrian “Toshi” Bacallo, will draw first blood on the first day of the tournament against Execration at 4:00 PM.

And regardless of who their opponent is, Haze iterated that having the right state of mind is key in winning games in the esports competitive scene.

“It is bad to think that you are at a disadvantage because it makes you nervous, lowers your morale, and your gaming performance will suffer. You are at a disadvantage with that kind of mentality.”