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Go cites vaccine program importance




It is not the vaccines that save lives. It is the act of vaccination.

This was how Senator Christopher “Bong” Go described the importance of taking part in the government’s rollout program against Covid-19 now that the vaccines are here.

He was referring to the seeming hesitancy of the public to get inoculated and how others have even chosen to wait it out for the brands that they wanted.

“If a large portion of our population will not be vaccinated, the threat of Covid-19 will continue to persist,” the senator warned in his column “GOing Forward.”
The people’s fear, he said, should not be of the vaccines but of Covid-19.

“It is only through vaccination that we can achieve herd immunity and finally overcome this pandemic,” Go stressed. “Vaccination is the solution to this crisis!”
He asked everyone to work with the government “as we strengthen our information campaign to educate the public on the ongoing Covid-19 vaccination process.”

“We must ensure that no Filipino is left behind,” he said.

More than ever, the senator pointed out that the spirit of bayanihan must continue for the sake of the country.

“But even as we push for greater immunization, we still need everyone to act responsibly by following the health and safety protocols such as wearing masks and face shield, washing hands, observing social distancing, and staying indoors as much as possible,” he explained.

Go likewise emphasized that continued cooperation with national government agencies in the implementation of the National Covid-19 Vaccine Roadmap and vigilance in the community “will help us survive and overcome this pandemic.”

The arrival of the vaccines, he emphasized is the fruit of the government’s tireless negotiation and partnership with various countries and organizations to ensure that the Philippines will not be left behind in terms of vaccination.

“This is also the outcome of the work of our officials who have been tirelessly doing their best to secure vaccine supplies from different manufacturers and institutions,” he said.

As more vaccines arrive, Go said the government will continue vaccinating the rest of the frontliners who have been working and sacrificing to save lives.

“Of course, the poor and the vulnerable are also in the government’s priority list,” he said. “As President Duterte and I have constantly said, these sectors must be inoculated as soon as we finish immunizing our frontliners for them to be able to return to normalcy and help our economy recover,” he added.