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Gerald Anderson’s revelations draw sarcastic reactions

Louise Lizan



GERALD Anderson said he did not ‘ghost’ anyone.

Is it ghosting if it’s choosing to walk away from a “very unhealthy, toxic” relationship? Gerald Anderson said on The Boy Abunda Talk channel last 5 March.

Gerald was answering Boy’s questions surrounding his breakup with fellow Kapamilya actor Bea Alonzo in 2019, when Gerald became the local celebrity face of ghosting after Bea was quoted in a video: “Honestly, to my understanding, we did not break up, he just started not talking to me.”

Continuing his reply to Boy, the 31-year-old Gerald wondered about the accurate definition of ghosting. In his own view, he said, ghosting is having dinner with his loved one and then suddenly deciding to walk away, never to be seen again.

GERALD finally admits relationship with Julia Barretto.

It took two years before Gerald opened up on the issue.

He went on: “Is (ghosting) walking away from a very unhealthy, toxic — not saying that she’s toxic or it’s me who’s toxic — but being together we were very toxic.”

GERALD and Julia in ‘Between Maybes.’

Gerald further revealed that his relationship with Bea turned rocky after fighting went on for months.

He added that he could remember vividly like it happened only yesterday, and that “too many conversations” took place, he said.

When their breakup became the talk of the town, Gerald kept mum.

“I try to be a good person.”

Asked to categorically admit or deny if he ghosted Bea, Gerald said. “Wala akong gi-nost (I did not ghost anyone).”

He said he was hurt and considered everything that happened a closed chapter in his life.

And then the interview proceeded to a new chapter in that life, his open secret relationship with Julia Barretto — with whom Gerald was photographed leaving a bar together, in the days when Bea was posting cryptic messages on her Instagram.

“It’s a yes,” Gerald said, confirming that he and Julia are a couple.

“You guys are happy?” asked Boy.

“Sobra” (Extremely),” said Gerald.

The revelations, however, drew sarcastic reactions on social media — with netizens tweeting “pretends to be shocked” memes and GIFs.