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2,290 military healthcare workers vaccinated as AFP drums up support for inoculation




A total of 2,290 military healthcare workers have been inoculated with the anti-COVID 19 vaccine as of Thursday, since the country’s vaccine rollout started on Monday, the Armed Forces reported.

The count is only for five main military hospitals in Metro Manila – Victoriano Luna Medical Center, Camp Aguinaldo Station Hospital, Manila Naval Hospital, Army General Hospital, and Air Force General Hospital – where a total 5,400 vaccines were made available, according to figures provided by the AFP.

“I am confident that our frontline personnel will make good use of this opportunity to confidently and safely dispense their duties as we collectively seek an end to this pandemic,” AFP chief Lt. Gen. Cirilito Sobejana said.

The military chief called on personnel to support the ongoing vaccination program, saying the military also serves at the frontline in the battle against COVID-19.

“The vaccination program will be our shield that shall aid us in protecting and preserving Filipino lives against the pandemic.”

Only a week ago, Sobejana ordered the mandatory vaccination of uniformed personnel, with those serving as healthcare workers as priority.

Those serving as healthcare workers will not be allowed to resume such duties until they get vaccinated, AFP spokesperson Maj. Gen. Edgard Arevalo said last Thursday.

Uniformed personnel who will be choosing brands other than the current “default” — Coronavac of Chinese pharmaceutical firm Sinovac — will need to pay for their own vaccines and must receive them immediately, he said.

Meanwhile, the AFP said it is conducting Troop Information and Education (TIE) programs in every camp to address issues, concerns, and apprehension of soldiers about being vaccinated.

Materials for the program were provided to military training facilities in unified commands.

A total of 304 medical service personnel in 47 vaccination sites in AFP camps with treatment facilities have conducted simulation exercises for the inoculation.