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Making love for a living amid Covid-19

I found Valerie interesting. She’s from Pampanga and graduated from a well-known university. She was working at one of the biggest casino hotels in the metro, attending to foreign gamblers in VIP rooms, ‘but no hanky-panky,’ she pointed out, until Covid-19 forced the casino to close down




“Ayoko namang habambuhay na pokpok (I don’t want to be a prostitute for long),” Valerie said while fixing herself in the bathroom of our room at a Sogo branch in Manila.

We had just made love — the high point of the Nuru, an erotic Japanese massage she performed, which I availed myself of via Viber.

I was actually conversing with another woman, also on Viber, about going out for a “walk” (slang for having sex), when a massage services group offering Valerie and other women suddenly popped up on my phone.

At first, I was surprised and suspicious over how this group got hold of my phone number. Moments later, I calmed down.

Oh, well, might as well try it, I told myself, since my intention anyway is to know how women have been forced to engage in making love for a living as a consequence of Covid-19.

But before choosing Valerie, I took my own sweet time to check out “walkers” who offer their services online.

From someone who called herself Pretty Cougar: “I love meeting new people and I hope we can share exciting adventures together.

I am a genuine, independent escort and I offer good quality service at a reasonable price.

“I can adjust to what the client needs… I provide a safe, relaxing experience that is absolutely fulfilling and stimulating.

Our time together will be intoxicating and unrushed. I guarantee that our time together will include elements that you will remember for a long time. I am a legendary escort with lots of extraordinary skills.”

She had a list of dos (GFE or girlfriend experience, torrid kissing/French kiss… I prefer non-smoker) and don’ts (no picture taking, no sadistic attitude, I like sex with passion).

Her rates: local clients: P3,000 for three hours (one to two pops), P4,000 (more than two pops), P5,000 overnight (unlipops); foreign clients/OFW/seaman/balikbayan: P4,000 for three hours (one to two pops, P8,000 overnight.

I was grinning upon reading “unlipops.” Gee whiz, I thought, I’m not cut out for a marathon.

‘We will enjoy the moment’

From Mitch: “I’m slim and a good-looking girl. I’m a real woman. I provide good service that you’ll never forget.

I will be your girlfriend for a short time.

I will not make you regret our time together. We will enjoy the moment. You may call or message me for more information.”

What she offers: full body massage; erotic sensual massage; sex; couple service available.

And from someone anonymous: “Guys, I am retiring soon! I hope to meet you in these last days of my service.

It will be a big help for my new journey in life. Everybody deserves a better future and another chance in life. I will be grateful if you will be one of the people to help me achieve it.

I have been through a lot and it should be a blessing to say goodbye to it all! I hope to meet you soon!!!”
Her rates: P3,000 for two rounds, two hours, plus fare!!! P4,000 unli rounds three hours, plus fare!!!
I was howling with laughter over the “fare!!!”
I almost confirmed with Pretty Cougar.

But she annoyed me with a series of messages which included offering a “cam show of nude videos” if I pay a reservation fee.

She messaged me every day. She said she needed the money to send to her mother and to please send it via GCash.

Hot oil

I finally decided to go for Valerie and the Nuru Japanese massage. It would cost P2,300 plus a minimum required tip of P700. Reasonable price, I thought.

Riding a cab, I picked her up at a 7-Eleven branch and proceeded to Sogo.

She looked pretty and simple in a white T-shirt and denim shorts. She carried a big duffel bag.

Inside our room, I engaged her in casual conversation, the typical small talk of where she’s from and what was she doing before the pandemic struck.
I found her interesting.

She’s from Pampanga and graduated from a well-known university.

She was working at one of the biggest casino hotels in the metro, attending to foreign gamblers in VIP rooms, “but no hanky-panky,” she pointed out, until Covid-19 forced the casino to close down.

She liked reading books and mentioned a particular one, the title of which I forgot.

She had a boyfriend but did not elaborate.

She took out a big black mat from her bag and spread it on the bed.

After we took our clothes off, she asked me to lie down in a prone position (dapa) and proceeded to rub hot oil all over my body.

It was so hot, I thought it would burn my back.

She began to rub her body against mine at a slow, rhythmic pace. The slippery, sliding sensation had a relaxing effect.

Reversing her position so that her legs were on the side of my head, she continued rubbing her body against mine, rubbing slowly, steadily, rubbing and rubbing as I closed my eyes and savored the tingling sensation.

And then she said she was getting aroused.

Do you really get turned on, I asked her in Filipino.

Who wouldn’t get turned on with this type of massage, she replied.

It was the signal to move to the next stage of this exercise in erotic stimulation.

How much, I asked.
“Wow, too much, puwede bang tumawad (can I haggle)? P5,000?”
“Too low.”
Can I pay later?”
“No problem.”
What happened next was a demonstration of how a professional hooker takes control of a love scene that would last for less than 10 minutes.

She moaned like she was, indeed, enjoying every second of it.

You’re faking it, I blurted while laughing.

But she seemed to be concentrating on her job: “No, ohh, ohh, ahh…”
It was over in a flash.

I took out my cash, counted P7,000 and said I need to withdraw the balance.

She didn’t say a word and went to wipe off the gooey oil on the black mat.

While dressing up, I asked what her plans are once the pandemic is over.

She replied that she didn’t want to be a prostitute for long.

I asked for her personal phone number.

After giving it, she advised me to put a man’s name, “para hindi mahalata ng asawa mo (so your wife won’t be suspicious).”
I have not contacted her since.