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Why Willie Revillame is thankful

After spending a month under lockdown in Puerto Galera, the popular TV host was tapped as the latest brand ambassador of e-commerce platform Shopee

Pauline Songco



As the pandemic raged, Willie Revillame thought his chances of going back to work was nil.

The television host recalled he was at his rest house in Puerto Galera when the Luzon lockdown was imposed: “I was there for more than one month with nothing to do.”

But while pondering his future, Willie, together with some volunteers, donated sacks of rice, boxes of instant noodles and bottles of water to the community.

Going back to Manila was tedious as it involved coordinating with people and fulfilling all the health and safety requirements vis-à-vis Covid-19.

WILLIE spent more than a month at his rest house in Puerto Galera.

He also had a hard time using social media while preparing to resume his TV show.

“I didn’t know anything about social media,” he admitted, wondering what Facebook and Instagram were about.

As luck would have it, Willie was tapped as the latest brand ambassador of e-commerce platform Shopee.

THE host has donated goods to those heavily affected by the pandemic and recent natural calamities.

He hosts a series of Shopee specials on his show Wowowin: TuTok to Win.

He blurted: “Who would ever think this would happen?”

Willie is hosting Shopee’s mega sale on 3 March and 4 April.

“I feel proud that a company like Shopee trusted me,” he said.

He pointed out that people should likewise trust Shopee as an online shopping platform.

Take it from the guy who made “Salamat, Shopee” a popular expression.