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BPO sector quickly adapts amid crisis

Raffy Ayeng



The Business Outsourcing and Processing (BPO) industry posted a 95 percent growth in terms of productivity level despite more than half of its workforce staying home as part of challenges brought about by the ongoing pandemic.

In a webinar sponsored by the Management Association of the Philippines (MAP), Information Technology and Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) chair Manolito Tayag said operations of the industry has reached 95 percent compared to 50 percent during months after the declaration of the enhanced community quarantine in March 2020.

“What that means is that we have kept most of the jobs and employment for majority of workers. This is very important because it is the biggest contribution to the economy and to the country,” according to Tayag.

Jobs retention top goal

He said the retention of jobs, creation of more employment opportunities, before and during the pandemic, has been among the goals of the ITBPM sector.

It aimed to become one of the biggest generators of jobs, largest source of exports and foreign currency, and the best enabler of countryside development.

Tayag said the BPO industry now hires 1.2 million Filipinos with ages ranging from 20 to 27 years.