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Pinoy pop group promotes local culture

Alamat members wear Pinoy pride in all aspects of their performances

Raye Sanchez



ALAMAT is the newest P-Pop group on the block.

Their first single may be titled “kbye,” but there is every reason to say “hello” to this new breed of Filipino talent: The nine-member P-pop group Alamat whose unique character is that it fuses modern music with cultural aspects of the country.

Viva Entertainment first introduced the group in November 2020.

The nine young men have diverse roots: Taneo from Kalinga, Mo from Zambales, Jao from Pampanga, Kin from Quezon City, R-Ji from Eastern Samar, Valfer from Negros Occidental, Gami from Bohol, Tomas from Albay and Alas from Davao City.

Their local cultures will enable them to expand the audiovisual branding of Philippine pop music by combining both Western and K-Pop tropes and translating it to local music using the modern and traditional sights and sounds of the country’s very own.

Alamat members wear Pinoy pride in all aspects of their performances.

They promise to deliver an exceptional Pinoy-centric experience to their fans who are aptly named “Magiliw.”

Alamat flourishes under Viva with the creative direction of Ninuno Media which said Alamat was formed under a “counter-Kpop” concept which uses the K-pop formula of intensive training, audiovisual music, commercial appeal, etc.

yet promotes Filipino culture and sensibilities.

Another noteworthy aspect is their commitment to multilingualism.

“The idea is, if we seek to genuinely embody the Philippines, Alamat should reflect the country’s cultural and linguistic diversity,” Ninuno Media added.

It is already loved by Filipino fans as it has garnered 376,000 views on YouTube as of this writing.


The nine-man group released its its debut single “kbye” last Valentine’s Day.

In the music video, not only are they able to represent the country with the dialects they use in the lyrics, but also the set design and their outfits — vibrant yet significant patterns and silhouettes that proudly show the many cultures of the Philippines.

Catch Alamat on Facebook (@official.alamat), Twitter (@Official_ALAMAT) and Instagram (@alamat_official).