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Rest in Peace Christine

Reports also said that Christine’s mother, Sharon, has taken a liking to actress Bianca Umali because she finds the actress beautiful

Kathleen A. Llemit



Many netizens agree that the deceased flight attendant Christine Dacera should be laid to rest.

The 23-year-old’s demise has been the most-talked about case at the start of the new year. Much has happened since then and most of these were duly covered by various media organizations. The recent news about her raised eyebrows among netizens.

KAPUSO actor Bianca Umali eyed to play Christine Dacera in a biopic.

Early last week, a column by seasoned entertainment reporter and columnist Gorgy Rula shared that there were talks about a possible movie on Christine.

Rula said that there were initial talks about the planned movie based on the posts of independent film producer Dennis Evangelista. According to him, Evangelista said there’s nothing final yet on the said project.

“Wala pa rin. Wala pa talaga (No plans. There’s no plan yet),” Evangelista was quoted. Reports also said that Christine’s mother, Sharon, has taken a liking to actress Bianca Umali because she finds the actress beautiful.

Dacera also revealed in an exclusive to Manila Bulletin that three production companies offered to do her daughter’s biopic.

“Three production companies offered to make a biopic about Christine, but I did not say yes because the case of my daughter is still ongoing,” Dacera told Bulletin on 17 February.

In the 1990s when a string of serial rape and murder cases hounded the metro, there were several movies made based on them.

From my memory, I could recall being traumatized watching those stories of women being grisly and mercilessly abused and murdered. All I remembered were the harrowing experiences they went through hours before they finally took their last breaths.

The way those stories were presented struck me as sentimental and controversial. It was like watching a drama but it was based on real-life events.

A friend had commented how sensitive topics like this could be told. He said that movies or projects based on cases like this could be better told in a docu-format, like the ones that are streaming in many online platforms.

Many of today’s docu-dramas, especially those made overseas, are told matter-of-factly, hoping to shed light on the case backed by court files and expert opinion. Most have serious, neutral tones that do not elicit strong,

possibly skewed notions but rather make viewers examine and understand the case.

Christine’s case remains controversial today. Her family disputed the medico-legal report on 27 January that Christine died of natural causes, particularly aortic aneurysm.

The Makati Prosecutor’s Office on Wednesday had wrapped up its preliminary investigation on the criminal complaint filed against 11 respondents for rape with homicide. The National Bureau of Investigation is holding a parallel probe on the case.

The dead have long been gone. While her case remains to be probed, it is hoped that she would have the respect and rest she deserves.