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Business success and the power of mindset



HER goal is to empower people and realize their dreams. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF KASSY PAJARILLO-BRAGANZA

Dreams don’t come true. Decisions do.

After a difficult year, people are looking for new opportunities to grow, thrive and carve their own success. The time is ripe for new beginnings, and LinkedIn trainer, start-up founder and online business coach for consultants, coaches, trainers and service-driven entrepreneurs Kassy Pajarillo-Braganza is here to motivate you to transform your passions and purpose into something successful.

Back in 2018, Kassy took the plunge. With only $90 under her name when she lost her job, she started her own startup venture and was able to put together a transformative and progressive events learning company. When the pandemic hit, the company grew into a six-figure generating venture in less than 90 days — all during lockdown. With a negative bank account and zero capital, she answered the call of starting her own venture.

For Kassy, it was more of recalibrating her attitude and giving her mindset a reset. She says: “Instead of thinking of business, I thought more about serving love to my soul-aligned clients, those of whom I’d want to surround myself with, work with and support. I held on to the vision real tight and pivoted according to execution.”

Kassy calls herself a Chief Encourager, one who inspires people to go for their aspirations while staying unapologetic about their ambitions. This is why she launched her coaching business with Power Profile Biz Accelerator, a 12-month program where aspiring entrepreneurs can learn how they can achieve a seven-figure revenue business through a “box solution” that can also help them set up a profitable consulting and coaching business online.

Her Clear, Transformative, Progressive and Profitable™ plan has helped many mentees find fulfilling and money-making success, starting by leading them to their own soul-led and soul-aligned clients. As defined by Kassy, “These are your dream clients. They make you love the work that you do even more, which results in you showing up being 100 percent invested in them and they show up just the same. Because of the love you both share, they become your best testimonials.”


Kassy with husband Raymond.

Some of her successful mentees include a graphic designer, a wedding videographer and even an Olympian. After Kassy’s program, they’re now raking in multiple-six to seven figures while working less than 15 hours a week. She muses, “I’ve helped entrepreneurs start building their economy and design their legacy, from freelancer to CEO. I want to enable dreams and empower many to start an online business and have the freedom they desire with intention.”

For Kassy, taking that radical step and making that one empowered decision open up endless possibilities.

Just like Kassy and her highly successful mentees, you, too, can find fulfillment both financially and spiritually. She expounds, “My fulfillment is sharing and being part of my mentees’ transformations. I get to witness and become part of their lives, making things possible and helping them realize that their aspirations and desires are within reach. It’s also having to wake up every day excited to serve and being able to spend time with intention and purpose.”

Make this year the beginning of new achievements despite tough circumstances by being part of her Power Profile Biz Accelerator. If you want to talk about your dreams, goals, and desires, you can schedule a complimentary strategy and discovery call through her website and social media channels.

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