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Smart launches ‘Koin’



Smart Digital Technologies launched on Monday “SAM Koin,” its own digital currency that’s among the ones to pioneer the use of utility token in the Philippines.

SAM Koin is registered as a medium of exchange in Sam Digital Technologies’ ecosystem, a purely fintech environment where small-scale businesses can collaborate with all the members of the platform.

“Here, there’s not so much competition. That’s the advantage of blockchain technology. It’s a complementing ecosystem,” Smart Asset Managers (SAM) founder Rommel Santos said.

SAM has a direct subscription program where members can have information and engagement with the conventional businesses of SAM.

“In exchange for their subscription — where there is a fee attached to it — we provide the information to those conventional businesses that we have either acquired, are conceptualizing, establishing, operating or buying as a whole concept,” he said.

“We have a step-by-step guide on how we acquired it, how we comply with regulatory compliances, by way of registering those businesses coming up with a marketing plan in everything,” Santos added.

SAM lists the possible opportunities where our subscribers can directly engage those conventional businesses, as either an investor or a self-owned business, or they join the consortium.

On those conventional businesses, SAM receives revenues from them, and those revenues get converted into “SAM points,” which gets distributed to our community subscribers base, points that they can either convert to fiat or an acceptable cryptocurrency.

One can also opt for SAM’s members acceleration program.

In contrast with a direct subscription program where there’s nary an opportunity beyond a token of appreciation through distribution of SAM points, the members acceleration program offers a multi-stream, multi-channel income opportunities.

In the members acceleration program alone, SAM has an existing 12,000 community members.