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Eala climbs to 942 in the world

Ian Suyu



ALEX Eala makes progress in her professional campaign. / Photograph courtesy of RAFAEL NADAL ACADEMY

Alex Eala has climbed to No. 942 in the World Tennis Association (WTA) rankings following her first professional victory in Spain.

The 15-year-old prodigy won the first leg of the International Tennis Federation’s (ITF) W15 Tournament just over a week ago.

She jumped 243 notches from her previous ranking of 1,185.

Ranked third in the ITF Juniors, Eala went undefeated in her first seven pro games before bowing to Ylena In-Albon of Switzerland in the quarterfinal round of the W15 second leg tourney.

“It’s a long journey ahead and I will need to keep on working hard,” said Eala in her Facebook post.

Australian tennis star Ashley Bartey is ranked No. 1 followed by Romanian Simona Halep and Japanese netter Naomi Osaka, respectively.

Eala is set to compete in the third leg of the ITF W15 tournament this week.