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Gordon fumes at LTO over plates



Senator Richard Gordon scolded yesterday officials of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) over the delay in the full production of motorcycle plates under the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act (RA 11235).

Gordon expressed dismay after being told by LTO during a Senate inquiry on the “spate of killings” in the country that only 1,000 plates had been produced since the law’s passage.

“I will now call a formal hearing of the Blue Ribbon Committee motu propio. We will now call you why you should not be charged for malfeasance and nonfeasance,” he said.

Gordon added he will ask transportation officials, including LTO chief Edgar Galvante to explain the “very, very slow” implementation of the law.

“This is too much. We’re trying to solve the problems of killings, with motorcycles being used by criminals. Why can’t you do this,” the senator said, referring to a full rollout of the new motorcycle plates.

The design of the new plates has been met with criticisms by motorcycle riders for being too big.

Gordon pointed out that the law was passed 8 March 2019 while its implementing rules and regulations were released in 2020.

The lawmaker went as far as calling LTO as a “do-nothing” agency.

The Senate is holding hearings on the establishment of police law enforcement courts to try crimes committed against court officers like judges and lawyers.