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Shades of De La Hoya

Can’t wait to put the rent money on Manny.

Nick Giongco



Ryan Garcia was just ten years old when Manny Pacquiao battered Oscar De La Hoya from pillar to post one cold December night in 2008 in Las Vegas.

Shortly after having his smile polished off by Pacquiao, the Golden Boy announced his retirement.

Pacquiao would then go on an impressive run that lasts up until this day, more than 12 years after that memorable victory at the MGM Grand.

Now, here comes this guy Garcia, just 22, challenging the Filipino eight-division champion to a slugfest somewhere down the road this year.

I learned from contacts in the United States and Mexico that the target month is September, a traditionally good date for holding a big boxing event.

Los Angeles, where Garcia was born and grew up, is the proposed host city with Saudi Arabia as Plan B in case the coronavirus is still raging in the US by that time.

There is also talk that if things fall into place, the fight could end up being held as early as May.

Garcia’s social media post immediately went viral since he didn’t only say that negotiations are ongoing.

From his Instagram post, Garcia, nicknamed “KingRy,” was as clear as day.

The undefeated American lightweight, who currently holds the interim World Boxing Council 135-lb belt, stated that the bout is already a done deal.

What also made Garcia’s bold announcement so sudden was the fact that it came just hours after Conor McGregor suffered a brutal knockout at the hands of Dustin Poirier in Abu Dhabi.

So, is the Garcia clash going to push through?

Yes and no.

Yes, because it is a bout fight fans would love to see. If they are going to pay to see Pacquiao face McGregor, I don’t think why they wouldn’t cough out money to see a clash between two pure boxers with massive following.

No, because the pandemic remains in our midst and a clearer picture of what it is going to be like in nine months would be known by March, April or May.

Even so, there’s no telling that it’s a sure thing.

Would I want that fight to happen? Hell, yes.

You see, though relatively young and a bit inexperienced, Garcia is fresh, heavy-handed and is craving for stardom.

Pacquiao, though still a force to be reckoned with, hasn’t been that active the last three years.

Besides, the fellow is 42 and would be pushing 43 by the time he and Garcia get it on either in LA or in the deserts of the Middle East.

Garcia is talking about Pacquiao passing the torch to him.


Knowing Manny, I don’t think my long-time friend is ready and willing to do just that given his burning desire to prove he remains an elite fighter and put the upstart where he rightfully belongs.

So will somebody please make this fight official?

Can’t wait to put the rent money on Manny.