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‘Just stab ‘em, shooting’s noisy’

Just stab them. It should be silent, so you won’t get caught.

MJ Blancaflor



President Rodrigo Duterte has advised Filipinos to just stab fraudsters and peddlers who use his name and those of his cabinet officials for corrupt purposes He said shooting swindlers might attract attention since it creates noise.

The President, in his televised address Monday night, described fraudsters as “parasites” and “leeches” preying on “gullible” and “naïve” Filipinos.

“Just stab them. It should be silent, so you won’t get caught,” the President said. “These are parasites, the leeches!”

The President, meanwhile, ordered the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to work double-time and go after people who use his name or those of other senior government officials to secure business contracts and accelerate the processing of documents.

He also asked the NBI to bring the charlatans to his office, saying he wanted to personally speak to them to ask why they resorted to crooked activities.

Known for his strong stance against irregularities, he has also threatened to make corrupt officials eat money in front of him.