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Erasing Trump

There’ll be more in the coming days, but Biden is making executive fiats not to build his own legacy, but to erase that of his predecessor.

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Joe Biden is fortunate he has only four years of Donald Trump to correct.

It’s expected to be a chalkboard process, like how Mr. Miyagi had taught Daniel Larusso to “wipe on, wipe off.”

No sweat for the new US President, it is hoped. But he faces more challenges than just erasing Donald Trump.

On Monday, CBS reported that the Biden administration is expected to repeal the ban on transgender Americans from serving in the military.

The media entity cited multiple sources of the news, saying it will be through an executive order signed by Biden with an announcement to take place at a ceremony with newly-confirmed Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. Austin will order the Pentagon to return to the policy enacted in 2016 by former Defense Secretary Ash Carter that allowed transgender Americans to serve openly.

This move is important as it is symbolic. It aims to undo what Trump has done in his short stint that was marked with hate and marred with lies, and welcoming back those in service whose gender identity is the opposite of their assigned sex is like a slap to Trump’s face.

In Biden’s first 48 hours in office, he churned out about 30 executive orders.

Fourteen of them target a broad range of Trump executive mandates.

The new US President also aims at implementing emergency measures intended to deal with the pandemic and the economic crisis.

Biden also restored US commitment to funding the World Health Organization.

He rejoined the Paris climate accords.

Trump’s ban on immigration from several predominantly Muslim nations and halting immigration enforcement in the country’s interior were quickly reversed.

He stopped the construction of the border wall.

Biden ensured protections for LGBTQ workers undermined by Trump appointees.

The Keystone XL pipeline permit was canceled.

He reimposed the ban on drilling in the Arctic wildlife refuge.

Mr. Trump’s “1776 Commission” report has been tossed out.

There’ll be more in the coming days, but Biden is making executive fiats not to build his own legacy, but to erase that of his predecessor.

The biggest Snopake the Democrats would need would be reserved in completely shoving Trump out of politics by impeaching him.

It is Trump’s second impeachment, historic in US politics. If convicted, he could be barred from running for office in the future. This punishment would require only a simple majority vote of the Senate if the chamber votes to convict.

Some Republicans vowed to fight it, making it an uphill climb for the Republicans to achieve. But Biden also has four years to prove to Americans that they have made the wrong choice in the past four years.

Or he’ll face a difficult return to the White House if their rivalry gets the chance for a reboot.