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Mariel Padilla on Robin-Mocha Uson pregnancy rumor: I’ll put a stop to this NOW!




Mariel Padilla said, "He (Robin) doesn’t need your baseless gossip." (IG screenshot)

A fuming Mariel Padilla took to Instagram to address rumors of her husband, action star Robin Padilla, supposedly impregnating former sexy star Mocha Uson.

“So many people are sending me messages… “checking” on me. People are tagging me bla bla bla… let me tell you this. ROBIN’S BROTHER PASSED AWAY. He is grieving. He has never been in so much pain all his life. He doesn’t need your baseless gossip,” read her post on Instagram.

“He doesn’t even know anything about all this rumor but I am putting a stop to this NOW. May oras para maging assholes [There’s a time to be assholes] now is not that time. Please.”

The rumor started from a blind item saying a controversial female personality is expecting a baby courtesy of a famous actor.

And so netizens were quick to connect that it could be Padilla and Uson as both were known staunch supporters of President Duterte.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Administrator of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration broke her silence over the rumor with a Facebook post on Friday denying she is pregnant with the actor’s baby.

“There is no truth in that gossip. The person is very kind. Embarrassing to idol Robin and Mariel,” read Uson’s post.

“I’m sure those who are spreading that are bitter in our government. Everyone knows that I and Sir Robin are avid supporters of President Duterte that’s why they are talking bad about us. Robredo is very naughty in the survey, so they are inventing something to destroy,” added Uson who accompanied the post with her video showing her in the gym with a flat tummy.

Mocha Uson shows her tummy to belie the pregnancy rumor. (screenshot)










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