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Ohmyhome’s OhTalks shares benefits of passive income




The webinar will be on Facebook Live on 23 January from 3 to 5 p.m.

Passive income opportunities for beginners will be the next topic in the OhTalks webinar series of Proptech platform Ohmyhome scheduled at 3 to 5 p.m. on 23 January via Facebook Live.

The webinar will focus on investments that can generate passive income for individuals before they retire featuring an auction pioneer and a veteran broker of a leading property firm.

The topic is close to the heart of Ohmyhome, which commits to sharing valuable insights on real estate, entrepreneurship, technology, property investments, and financial literacy with its customers. It follows the successful OhTalks’ pilot episode last 19 December that drew tremendous interest from viewers with its engaging subject: “The Different Paths to Your First Million.”

For the second webinar, OhTalks will have as speakers Noli Alleje and Dynah Rose Bersabe who will discuss the advantages of passive income.

Known in the real estate industry as “El Subastahero,” Alleje heads The Property Forum Philippines, the leading auctioneer in the country today. Alleje also produced the first real estate television show in the country.

A pioneer of the auction sales system in the Philippines, Alleje has bid out over 4,000 real estate assets worth more than Php8 billion. Having gained substantial marketing expertise after handling various property developers, Alleje now heads the international promoter recruitment for Landco Pacific Corporation. Through the years, he acquired all kinds of real estate, becoming an expert in industry strategies such as fixing, leasing, and flipping.

Meanwhile, Bersabe is the current manager of Avida Land Corporation’s Broker Operations Group. With almost 10 years of real estate experience, Bersabe began her real estate career as the head of customer relations in one of the top housing developers in the Philippines.

With Avida Land, she handled commercial and leisure projects, and the Corporate Sales Group. Bersabe took her Masters in Business Administration in the Ateneo Graduate School for Business.

Ohmyhome co-founders Race and Rhonda Wong reaffirm the company’s objectives in conducting its webinar series: “We want OhTalks to equip Filipinos with the knowledge they need to achieve financial stability. Property investment is just one way but it is a great source of passive income.”

Race and Rhonda also hope that initiatives such as OhTalks will make Filipinos aware of the many options they have to fulfill their dreams and secure their futures. Forthcoming episodes will dwell on attaining financial literacy through topics like “Personal Finances: Day to Day Expenses That Could Have Been Turned Into Savings” and “Small Investments That Could Be Lifesaving.”

Individuals and families who might have missed OhTalks’ pilot episode are urged to tune in to the webinar on 23 January and learn more about the benefits of passive income.

The Wongs have made a promise they intend to keep: “We want them to know that when they decide to invest in property as an income opportunity, Ohmyhome will be there every step of the way.”