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Merciless ratings cancel shows

Louise Lizan



PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF SUNDAY NOONTIME LIVE THE ride was short but sweet for ‘Sunday Noontime Live.’

The ratings game is merciless.

Three new television shows have just been axed, a mere three months after launching on TV5.

The shows — Sunday Noontime Live (SNL) I Got You, and Sunday Kada — were all mounted by Brightlght Productions which is owned by former Negros 3rd District Rep. Albee Benitez.

“The ride was short but definitely sweet,” said Jake Ejercito, who co-hosted SNL with Piolo Pascual, Catriona Gray, Ricci Rivero and Maja Salvador.

Salvador was upbeat. “Magkikita pa tayong muli (We will see each other again),” she said.
SNL premiered on 18 October 2020.

What made the show’s end more painful was that Brightlight announced it two days before it would go off the air.

A report from said the show’s cast were told of the decision on 16 January. SNL aired its last episode on 17 January.

In a statement, Benitez said: “SNL’s delighted run is about to end and we await future endeavors from its outstanding stars and phenomenal newcomers.”

Observers noted that the decision was made to shift the audience’s focus on other Brightlight shows such as Lunch Out Loud, Rated Korina, and Oh My Dad!

SNL production staff also expressed sadness over the show’s closing and echoed the sentiments of its supporters.

“Sunday Noontime Live was formed not to compete with or surpass Asap Natin ’To or All-Out Sundays. It’s Alternative programming. Para may option ang viewers just in case they needed to see a different kind of Sunday noontime viewing,” @karlangel_rocks said on Twitter.

But even more surprising was the announcement that Asap Natin ’To, ABS-CBN’s top-rating noontime variety show before it was forced to stream online after the network lost its congressional franchise renewal, will replace SNL starting lunchtime on 24 January and every Sunday on TV5.